Peterborough Conservative Club

Dear conservative club member,
As many of you will be aware our beloved steward, Norman ‘YAHOO’ Pratt after 13+ years will be hanging up his jugs (drinking jugs) on the 26th of May.
He has already made it clear that he wants no fuss and no presents, we all know what a sloppy old sod he is and maybe the emotion of finally retiring is something he is wanting to avoid.
However this is not acceptable in my eyes, luckily the internet, and social media are alien concepts for Norman and so I feel confident that this post will not get to his knowledge, I am requesting all of his friends and family to please please please keep mum about this.
If you wish to contribute to a whip round for Norman, this will also have to be done without his knowledge so all monies please be given to a member of staff and they will secure it away so (fingers crossed) he never finds out.
I am requesting for each and everyone please search your pictures I would like to have as many Norman photos as possible, please you can send any digital copies to me at my email address which is
if you have hard copies I can arrange to pick those up if you email me with details then we can go from there.
Further details will follow as soon as plans are finalised.
Thank you for your attention and support in getting our steward a proper send-off that he justly deserves.

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