Peterborough Conservative Club

Con Club Casters!
2019 fishing weekend at Barford lakes, norfolk.
19th to 21st july
see conclub casters notice board for further details

2019 Fixtures

march 9th willows                             23rd beastie

april  6th damson                              20th wagtail at float fish farm

may 4th  oak                                     18th buttonhole

june 1st  big lake at kingsland        15th yew      29th  willow

july  13th match lake at gedney      27th oak

august  10th sm lake at kingsland   24th elm

sept  7th horseshoe                           21st magpie at pidley

oct  5th six islands                             19th elm

nov 2nd  horseshoe

2018 League results
 League 1
1st Bob Walker

2nd Ian Bradshaw

3rd Mark Parnell
4th Terry Tribe
5th Andrew Porter
6th John Parnell
7th John Newman
8th Bill Ringer
League 2
1st Steve Fogarty

2nd Bob Barrett

3rd Richard Brown
4th Pete Rudd
5th Jack Keely
6th Paul Sharp
7th Andy Fielding
8th Tiny Marshall

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